Micro-Churches: A Richer and More Meaningful Way of Gathering

A micro-church is a weekly gathering of Symphony members and guests, in homes, where we worship Jesus through singing, teaching, and fellowship with one another, in order to make disciple-making disciples in Boston and around the world.

In this season, we want to do whatever it takes to ensure no one has to worship alone.

To join or host a micro-church, sign up below! Our pastoral staff is ready to equip you with the resources and coaching you need to reach your community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our micro-churches will meet in homes all around the Boston area (and possibly one day in other cities as well!) at various times on Sundays. Please fill out an interest form using the link above, and we’ll be happy to get you connected to the best option!

You can expect a welcoming environment where you’ll worship, be challenged by teaching, and be encouraged in fellowship with others in a group of 6-8 people.

Each micro-church will look different, based on each member's comfort levels and exposure. However, as a baseline, every micro-church should familiarize themselves with both our state orders and CDC guidelines, including the exemptions and allowances for religious gatherings, and communicate their plans clearly with those in attendance. 

We understand there are different levels of comfort for every individual. If you don’t feel like you’re ready, or if you’re physically unable to join a micro-church, we encourage you to continue watching the service online from the comfort of your home.