Friday Night Discipleship
At Symphony, Friday nights are dedicated to our Large Group Discipleship.

We believe that each of these gatherings can be a big part of building up the foundations of the Christian faith and are valuable parts of Symphony Church.

Experiencing God

“What is God’s will for my life? How do I hear God’s voice?
How can I grow even deeper in my relationship with God?”

If you’re asking these questions, join us for Experiencing God.

Experiencing God is a 10-week EG is a 10-week course that’s intended to grow our discipleship to Jesus. This year, we’ll be paying special attention to spiritual gifts—what they are and how we can lean into them to build up God’s Kingdom.

No matter how many times you might have taken EG, God has something fresh to impart with you! Let’s deepen our intimacy with God in our every day.

From February 2nd to April 12th, we’ll be meeting on Fridays at 8-10PM at the Symphony Church Office.

We’ll also be using the Experiencing God workbook to guide our weekly discussions as well as our daily quiet time with the Lord. You can buy this workbook yourself on Amazon (click here). This book is a tool that shines light on our relationship with God, growing in intimacy through the Bible, prayer, and the Church.

Many of us want to know God more. But the revelation of God comes through a relationship with God.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Chan (

We hope you’ll join us on this EG journey!

Freshman & Sophomore Discipleship

Building the foundation for a life with Jesus
during your college years

Navigating through college life is exciting but it can also have its share of challenges. That's why we have Freshman Discipleship, a gathering designed specifically for college freshmen to help lay the foundations for an abundant life with Jesus through your college years and beyond.

From February 2nd to April 12th, we’ll be meeting on Fridays at 5-7PM at the Symphony Church Office 2.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Pastor Mike (

Let's deepen our relationship with Jesus and with other college freshmen. We look forward to growing with you!