What is Alpha?

Alpha is an open and informal conversation space about life, spirituality, and the Christian faith without judgment or pressure. We want to hear your thoughts and questions as we explore these themes together without the pressured atmosphere that can come with these conversations.

The spring season of Alpha will begin on Thursday, April 11th at 7:00pm at the Symphony Church Office (971 Commonwealth Ave, 3rd floor) and we would love for you to explore with us these themes that characterize the Christian faith.


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What others have to say about Alpha
Alex Brown

I was agnostic bordering on atheist when I started my graduate school, but throughout my time there, I met some Christians who challenged the idea I held that science and faith were mutually exclusive. I was curious about how these people I respected intellectually and looked up to as good human beings could believe in something I thought was nonsensical. I started to attend sermons on Sunday and read books about Christianity to challenge my own beliefs, feeling confident that I would prove myself right in the end. The more I heard and read, the more I realized how little I actually knew about faith, and when the church advertised an Alpha course I was excited to enroll and learn more about the fundamentals of Christianity.

Jamie Tam

Prior to Alpha, I felt like much of my experiences with Christians were characterized by judgment, pity, or correcting, which left me deeply discouraged. Alpha appealed to me because it was a space where everyone was encouraged to share their experiences and perspectives - not with the purpose to change them but rather to understand them.

Emily Xu

I definitely would recommend Alpha. Everyone was really honest and the (conversations) topics were down to earth. I got to know Christians also had challenges in their relationship with God, so it brought me closer to the group and grew in faith together.

Debby Lin

Alpha is a comfortable and safe place to find answers about faith and the meaning of life. You’ll also find a group of people to support you and help you find the answer together.