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Hello Symphony Church!

As COVID restrictions begin to lift in the state of Massachusetts, we will be making some changes to our Sunday services.

Beginning May 30th, our two services will begin at 9am and 11am ET.

We are making these changes for two primary reasons:

  1. We believe that these two times will better serve our global congregation.
  2. These service times enable us to have two in-person services at the Symphony Church Office (SCO) instead of only one, as well as the simultaneous online virtual services.

For those of you who have been regularly joining the 1pm service, we know this may be an unwelcome change, but a recording of the service will still be avaialble to view at your convience although we do recommend that you make every effort to worship in community for the sake of your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Our intention with the 9am service is to bring together 3-5 micro churches on a rotational basis so that there is a regular larger worship gathering to be part of. As such, we ask those of you in micro churches to strongly consider changing your normal meeting time to 9am to match the new time. 

For all the college students who will be in Boston over the summer, we invite you to worship together in-person at the 11am service. Our college micro-church members know that we will not have college micro churches this summer. With reduced numbers on different campuses, organizing micro churches for college students on campus is a complicated proposition. So instead, we would like to bring you all together at our 11am in-person service.

If you are a young adult that has not plugged into a microchurch yet, but would like to meet with others in a microchurch, you are invited to join the 9am service. 

Please note that for both in-person services, we have a registration form that we are asking you to fill out in advance for COVID safety purposes. Also, currently, we have limited capacity at SCO, so only those who have registered will be able to join us. Once we hit our max capacity, we will close off registrations. We will open up registrations the Sunday prior and you can register via the app or on the website.