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Sunday Service Registration Form


Hello Symphony Church!

As we've been announcing, beginning May 30th, our Sunday services will begin at 9am and 11am ET for both in-person and virtual services.

For anyone who is interested in joining either of these services in person at the Symphony Church Office (SCO), please fill out this registration form. The form will allow us to maintain COVID safety protocols and therefore, only those who have registered will be able to join us. Once we hit our maximum capacity, we will close off registrations.

Why the changes?

Our hope is that these changes will allow our church to become increasingly missional. We believe that the church is meant to be both a gathering and a scattering, in that we are called to fulfill Jesus' commission to make disciples. Micro-churches began as a response to the COVID-19 virus but we have come to see it as a means of being scattered in order to serve our community and advancing God's Kingdom right where we are. Therefore, we will continue to gather and worship as micro-churches with the intention of being scattered in order to be increasingly present and active in our immediate communities.

What will the Sunday services look like?

9am Service - Our intention with the 9am service is to bring together 3-5 micro churches on a rotational basis so that there is a regular larger worship gathering to be part of. As such, we ask those of you in micro churches to strongly consider changing your normal meeting time to 9am to match the new time. 
If you are a young adult that has not plugged into a microchurch yet, but would like to meet with others in a microchurch, you are invited to join the 9am service. 

11am Service - For all the college students, we invite you to worship together in-person at the 11am service. Our college micro-church members know that we will no longer have college micro churches beginning this summer. Instead, we will worship all together, as a college ministry, at our 11am in-person service.

What about the virtual services?

For those who are not in the Boston area, we will continue to worship virtually via the livestream at and in our Sunday Zoom room at our new times of 9 and 11am ET.


We understand that transitions take time and we want to help guide you through these changes. Our hope is that through these changes, we will grow to be a community faithful to God and His mission. Please feel free to reach out to the staff ( if you have any questions about these changes.