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Kevin Hong

Seminary Intern

Kevin was raised in San Diego, and moved to Boston for college in 2015. Although he loved the west coast as a kid, he renounced his west-coastness and now considers the east coast home. After graduating from Northeastern University in 2020 with a B.A. in Music, Kevin began to explore and take next steps into his calling to seminary school. In 2021, Kevin began his seminary journey at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary towards the M.Div. At this time, he also joined Symphony Church staff as a seminarian intern. Though unsure for a couple of years about his future beyond seminary, Kevin received a tug from God in the summer of 2023 to become a pastor and hopes to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ wherever the Lord calls. Kevin doesn’t have many hobbies, but loves to play music and spend time with friends. His YouTube feed consists of sermons and car videos.