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On Saturday, June 13th, we will be hosting a Personal Finance Seminar, "Smart Stewardship: Making Wise Financial Decisions as a Christian" at the Symphony Church Office 2 from 10AM-12PM.

Our hope is to help equip our brothers and sisters on how to make wise financial decisions and have prudent financial planning skills to help navigate the oftentimes confusing world of money and finances, and to honor and build upon what God has gifted to us in terms of monetary blessings.

The session is designed to not only walk through foundational concepts and terminologies, but also to help everyone with how to approach tough financial decisions and choices in life such as buying a car, paying for further education, renting vs. buying, debt prioritization (and what is good debt), saving for retirement, and more.

All levels of familiarity and background are welcome to attend, and there will also be an anonymous Q&A session at the end to address additional questions.

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