Pastor Rick Warren once advised, "Divert daily.  Withdraw weekly.  Abandon annually."  He was, of course, talking about the necessary rhythm of spiritual rest we need to truly be alive!  From October 29th to 31st, Symphony Church will be going to Camp Berea in Hebron, NH to worship Jesus, to rest in his presence, and to grow in our relationships with one another.  This will be our first congregational retreat since 2015, and we're looking forward to seeing you there! Scroll below for more info and to register!

Details on the Retreat

WHO: All of Symphony (College + Young Adults + Married Couples + Children)

WHEN: Friday, Oct. 29 (evening) through Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021

WHERE: Camp Berea in Hebron, NH

Registration to attend the retreat in person is now closed. If you would like to join virtually, scroll down below to fill out the form below. If you have any questions regarding registration, please reach out to

COVID Protocol & Safety Measures

As we ramp up for this retreat, we want to make sure that all attendees are fully aware of and on board with our COVID protocol. Please read through our COVID protocol below. Thank you!


All attendees, both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, are required to get a negative COVID test result. Please get tested the week prior to retreat, between October 19-26. Toddlers & infants do NOT need to get tested.

All attendees must fill out the COVID screening form by latest NOON (12pm) on Thursday, Oct 28. The purpose of this screening form is threefold:

  1. To confirm your test results,
  2. To screen for any COVID-related symptoms, and
  3. To ensure your agreement of our safety measures for the retreat.

If anyone receives a positive COVID test, experiences any COVID-related symptoms, or forgets to fill out this screening form, we will unfortunately have to ask that they stay at home for your own personal health and the safety of others, and we will provide a full refund.

For COVID-19 testing sites, college students should be able to get access to testing through their university's health services. For other members who are either young adults or students who do not have access to COVID testing on campus, below are some general sites and places that offer FREE testing:

Please schedule your appointment sooner than later. The general clinics and pharmacies often take longer to process test results, so we recommend that you schedule for testing no later than Monday (10/25).

Following the COVID test, we ask everyone to isolate themselves as best as possible (e.g. refraining from indoor dining, attending concerts, etc.).


Housing assignments will follow a few specific criteria, in order of highest priority to lowest.

  • For college students, the order of priority will be (1) roommates, (2) campus, then (3) family group.
  • For young adults, the order of priority will be (1) roommates, (2) micro-church, then (3) retreat small group.



We ask all attendees to abide by the following safety measures during the retreat:

  • I will wear a face mask during my commute to and from the retreat site.
  • I will wear a face mask for the entire duration of the conference, except outdoors, mealtimes, and while sleeping.
  • I will wash my hands frequently.
  • I will abide by the capacity limit of 3 people for all bathrooms.
  • I will keep my distance as much as possible by not loitering in bathrooms and hallways.
  • If I'm experiencing any COVID-related symptoms during the retreat, I will inform one of the members of staff or the medical response team as soon as possible. I also agree to take a rapid COVID test.


If you are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms during the retreat, even if it’s as small as a sore throat or a cough, please inform one of the staff members as soon as possible. We will have our medical response team ready to administer a rapid COVID test for you, which will give us a result within 15 minutes.

Also, in the off-chance that you find out during the retreat that you had come into contact with someone who tested positive, the medical response team will administer a rapid COVID test for you as well.

If the test result is negative and the individual does not have a fever (100.4º F or higher), we will ask that individual to continue to keep their face mask on at all times as well as maintain distance, especially during our worship times and for our sleeping arrangements. There will be seats in the back section of our worship space for those who feel under the weather. We will also have separate cabins set aside for those individuals.

We will have drivers who are prepared to drive an individual back home in the following scenarios:

  • If the individual has a fever (100.4º F or higher), even if the test result is negative,
  • If the individual does not feel comfortable sticking around, even if the test result is negative, or
  • If the individual tests positive.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to avoid all these scenarios. With our pre-retreat protocols and our safety measures during the retreat, we are hopeful to create a safe space for worship for all of us!

Additional FAQs

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the retreat.

A more detailed explanation of our COVID protocol and safety measures is written out above. But a few points to highlight are:

  • We ask everyone to get a COVID test one week prior to the retreat. Please schedule a COVID test appointment between October 19th and 16th.
  • All attendees are required to complete the screening form by latest NOON (12pm) on Thursday, October 28th.
  • Face masks should be worn to and from the retreat site, as well as throughout the duration of the retreat (except for mealtimes, outdoors, and when sleeping).

If you have further questions about our COVID protocol, please email

Please bring the following:

  • Bible
  • Pen(s)
  • Facemasks
  • Clothing
    • Comfortable clothing for 2 additional days (retreat is Fri-Sun)
    • Warm casual clothes (jeans, sweatpants, fleece, etc.)
    • Warm sleepwear
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Socks
  • Sleeping bag
    • Blankets, sheets, and pillows will NOT be provided
  • Basic toiletries (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/shampoo, etc.)
  • Sunday tithe/offering (We will be having Sunday Service at the retreat site)
  • An open and prayerful heart!

Optional items

  • Water bottle/Thermos
  • Pillow
  • Flip-flops (for showers)
  • Phone charger
  • Journal
  • Board games for free time!
  • Sports equipment (e.g. basketball, tennis, volleyball)
    • During free time, we’ll set up a volleyball net and provide a volleyball!
    • There are also 2 tennis courts and a basketball court. So please bring your tennis gear and/or a basketball if you’d like to play!

**Please do your best to refrain from bringing laptops/computers to the retreat. We want to see this retreat weekend as a unique opportunity to get away from our normal lives for just a few days to submit and focus our hearts and minds completely on God :)

For anyone who needs financial assistance to pay for the retreat, please reach out to

Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to the staff if you have any questions or concerns!

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