Bella Weaver returned to her home city of Boston, MA after graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Information Science. She has since been working as a UX Designer at an employee health and wellness company. Bella enjoys grabbing a coffee at a cafe and catching up with friends and family.

She also began attending Symphony church after starting her first job. At Symphony, Bella has grown immensely in her relationship with God and is grateful for this transformation to living Christ-centered every day. She looks forward to leaning on God as her stronghold as she embarks on one-year missions.

Prayer Requests
  1. Remain rooted in her relationship with God through prayer, reading the Word, and looking for Him in the quiet moments.

  2. To be empowered by the Holy Spirit to listen to God’s calling in the big and small things.

  3. To be bold and courageous when confronted with fear.