About Us


Is Symphony part of a denomination?

Symphony Church is a non-denominational protestant evangelical church. However, Symphony is a member of Acts Ministries International™ (AMI), a community of churches seeking to model the spirituality, vision, and partnership exemplified in the book of Acts. AMI™ is committed to developing disciples of Christ within our churches, as well as spreading the gospel message to unreached people groups through church planting and missions. Please see AMI™’s website for more information.

Why was Symphony Church started?

Symphony Church began with a vision to minister to the university and college campuses of Boston. Sadly, only a small percentage of college students in Boston (<2.5%) attend a gospel believing church. While there are already churches and college ministries in Boston, we believe that the need for workers remains great. We desire to be used by God to bring the gospel to the many college students in Boston who do not have a relationship with Jesus, and to help them grow in the church.

Is Symphony Church only for college students?

No! While we have a passion for college students, our heart is for the entire Boston area, including undergraduate students, graduate students, working adults, and families. Our hope is that we will build a multi-generational as well as multi-cultural and multi-ethnic church. We want to be a symphony of different people!

What can I expect when I visit a Symphony service?

We hope that you will find a warm accepting community of men and women who are passionate for Christ and desire to see Him glorified in Boston.

Oh that’s not what you meant? 🙂 Well, our services are contemporary. We dress casually. We love to sing and praise. We have a great worship team (with a name like Symphony, we better!). Our messages might be a little longer than you are used to (usually about 45 minutes), but that time just flies by 🙂 And we love to pray.

I’m already attending another church. Should I visit Symphony?

Okay, this isn’t really a frequently asked question but we’d like to answer it because it’s important. We believe very strongly in the importance of church membership and do not think you should take lightly the decision to leave the church that God has placed you. If you are thinking about leaving your church, please make sure you spend a period of time praying about that decision and consult with your pastor (even if you do not have a relationship with your pastor) during the process.

How do I get to Symphony Church?

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